Sharing Some Sunshine

 Over this last weekend, we finally had some gorgeous sunshine! So me and my little family went for drive...and look what we found! I know some of you are reaching for your allergy medicine, but it's not bad yet. Two days ago things were gloomy and rainy, in fact we had snow up at our house about a week and half ago. So, seeing dandelions has us all really excited for Spring and Summer!

 As you can see my daughter is never camera shy! She's always ready :)

My wife was taking the pictures for us, but I think it's fair to share her pretty smile too..

 Me and my Chucks and my daughter with her loafers....she will wear those until they fall apart!

 My son was camera shy...even though he has a great smile :)

My wife is much cuter without her crutches...they weren't allowed in the pictures...and that bunch of flowers tripled by the time we left...luckily no one was sneezing!

It was sad to see the weekend leave and now back to reality on this lovely Monday.
Have a Great Day!

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