Random Loves

There are a lot of things that I am in love with right now.
One thing for sure is that I'm still obsessed with my iPhone...though in our current situation, I'm afraid I might be giving it up soon. Until then, I will continue to take pretty pictures! 
The app Camera+ is one of my favorite editing tools. The picture above was edited with it. I used the toy camera option with a fade. That way it looks like an old over-exposed picture.

This tree that is growing in our front yard is amazing. In fact there are trees growing around each other. Hopefully when it's sunny out again I can get a better picture. I adore this tree and it makes me smile every time I pull up our driveway.

 I love mo-hawks! I also love that my wife is as random as me. She just got up and went to the bathroom and came out with a mo-hawk. You can't tell from the picture, but it goes all the back, and I love it!

I made this hat the other night. It took about 2 hours, only because I was watching TV while I was making it. It's my first hat...lol and of course I make it when summer is right around the corner!
I guess it will have to wait for fall.

This little guy is Oscar. He's my little house Octopus and moves to different locations quite frequently. I didn't use a pattern, in fact I was going to make a flower, but wasn't paying attention, and he was born!
He isn't perfect, but we love him :)

 Since we both haven't been working we have had PJ and ice cream night much more frequently than usual. 
Under all those pink sprinkles (which are suppose to only be for my cupcakes!) is chocolate chip ice cream, and those PJ's have little yellow duckies...I love them!

 These cute little flowers make me smile everyday. My wife and kids all got me flowers for Easter and they are all still alive!!! I'm very proud of myself for keeping my plants alive.
Well, today is sunny and beautiful and we have to get some cleaning done because we have family coming to visit this weekend....and I'm so excited!

Have a great Day!

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