Monday blues

Sweet Goodbyes
I can't believe it's Monday all over again. The weekend was so much fun, especially since we had family here. My wife's Grandma bought us a kick-ass new grill and it's awesome! My father-in-law built us a fire pit for bonfires and everyone else helped out in the yard and cut wood. It feels like we are camping everyday. It's been so beautiful too. The weather has been really amazing.
The sad part is that everyone left this morning. I hate goodbyes.....see ya much easier.
I miss them already. I wish we had family closer to us, because we don't really have anyone to share the grill and bonfire with. Anyway here are some cute blue things that helped me cheer up a little :)

I love this dress, but they were sold out :( geez I feel like such a Debbie downer, but isn't it cute?!

Via: Humphrey's handmade
These little guys are super sweet! I love wearing silly earrings! It always gets people attention and I get a lot of compliments too! I'm stretching my ear lobes right now, so my ears have been pretty plain.

Via: Small or Big
I love these dolls! They are Goodbye Monday Blue dolls, but the Etsy shop seems to be gone now? 
Oh well they are still adorable :)

Well, my friends I hope you all have a wonderful day....all I know is that my allergies are kicking my butt!

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