Magnet Nails

My May Julep Maven box just came in the mail last Saturday and I was so excited to open it!!  I love receiving new nail polish, you could say I'm addicted, but how can I help it when they have such awesome colors! In addition to the nail polish, Julep Maven also sends little things like emery boards or spacers. This month they added a magnet! I was a little confused when I first opened it up, but then I read the card and realized that the magnet was used to create a design!

 The color that is used with the magnet is called Kylie. It has a pretty shimmer. The first step is to put a base coat of that color on first.

 After the base coat is dry you are suppose to put a generous amount on again as a second coat, and then use the magnet. In this step I did each nail, one at a time. Your suppose to use the magnet while the nail is still wet and hold it over your wet nail close enough to where you are almost touching it. You hold it for about 15 seconds on each wet nail.

And then Viola! You have a pretty metallic swirl on your nails!

 After I put on the top coat I also tried another trick that I saw on Pinterest. I sprayed my nails with cooking spray! It dried my nails and they didn't smudge once! I'm definitely going to do this every time I paint my nails. Do you have any secret tricks to making your nails beautiful?

  Source: via Mariam on Pinterest 

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