I haven't done a post on Istagram in a while, and I use it all the time. Ever since I joined about 8 months I literally can't stop. I haven't done any photo challenges lately but I upload pictures at least once a day. I live in such a beautiful place, I'm lucky to have scenery that is always changing too! I thought I would up load some of my most recent pictures too. Like most of us out there I am very guilty of "the self portrait", but I try not to make weird faces. I like to too see how I change as I'm getting older and compare them to pictures I've taken in the past. So they aren't all in vain!

In this collage you can see some of the typical Instagram shots...and yes I'm also guilty of the "mirror self portrait" I do it a lot actually, just to see if what I'm wearing would look okay in a I got my landscape shot and a picture of my favorite shoes. I think the only thing I'm missing would be a picture of my kids and some food. Everyone always posts pictures of their food, I normally only use my cupcakes. Anywaaaay....I hope you all are having a great week! Is there any shot I'm forgetting? I'm sure there is!

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