A Few New Things

 One informal announcement I'd like to make, is the official unofficial opening of our Etsy shop! Which you can find HERE. I say unofficial, because we don't have all of our inventory up. It's very time consuming, especially when your camera doesn't want to cooperate!

Another thing, if you have haven't noticed that I spruced things up a bit. I changed the blog again and I promise this will be the last time for a while. Jessa over at Caked Vintage  helped with the new banner and I dove in and did the rest. I took web design in college, but sometimes I can't figure out some silly things. For one, the spacing in between my widgets are driving me crazy! I've tried everything, and still can't seem to remove the space. I don't know if it has to do with the new interface or the simple template. If anyone out there thinks they can help me, let me know!

Also, I took some pictures, at least I tried. With the combination of my camera acting stupid, and my self esteem not at it's height, I feel they didn't come out as nice as I wanted them too. I love this dress, but I have no idea where I'm going to wear it. Maybe I will wear it when I re-new my wedding vows next month but I was excited that I lost enough weight to fit in it! I bought it a while back from Modcloth. It didn't have great reviews, but I didn't care, so I took a chance! When it came I tried it on and now that I've lost about 10 pounds, It fit's me perfect :) The details to this dress are adorable and I love the soft pink color.

The Details
Crochet flower Clip - TLC creations 
Dress - Modcloth
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted

Make sure you keep an eye out for our official grand opening, because we will be having a giveaway to celebrate! Are there any vintage items you would like to see in the shop or for a giveaway? 
Let me know!

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