Empty Bowls

Over the last month my kids have been working on bowls at their school. The reason behind it, is to raise awareness with the students, about hunger. Each student in their school made about 2 or 3 bowls each. Once they were all done they held an "Empty Bowls Dinner" to raise money for the local food shelf. They served food from all around the world and it was delicious! I love that as they get older the projects they bring home are more creative.......and awesome! I have two displayed on my coffee table, one near my crochet basket filled with buttons and the other two are used for snacks. I think my kids picked out awesome colors too. As you can tell I'm having a proud mommy moment :)

This last bowl, my daughter calls a pinch pot. They used the technique of pinching to form the bowl. It's not perfect, but I love it because it has more character that way. My daughter uses it all the time to eat her snacks. I love the colors.

Have a great day!

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