Cupcake Sunday

Extreme Cupcakes
I wasn't sure (at first) where I wanted to go with this. I love looking up unique ideas for these wonderful treats. There is so much inspiration out there. after playing around on the internet I thought I would just Google Extreme Cupcakes and me! oh my! Did I find exactly that! Some I'm not going post, because I like to keep a clean look for my blog. I'm a mommy and my kids look at my blog. Here are some cupcakes that I thought were very creative and time consuming!

Maggot Cupcakes for a horror film
Via: The Extraordinary Art of Cake
When I saw these cupcakes I had to read the blog and find out what they were really for. When I saw they were a horror film, I was like whew! I also saw some cupcakes that had brains and a finger coming out of them. Totally icky...but that chocolaty cupcake still looks yummy!

Spaghetti & Meatball cupcake?
Via: That's nerdalicious
The spaghetti looks way to real and I don't know if I could actually enjoy the cupcake. I made some nacho cupcakes a while ago (you can find them HERE) and it's hard to enjoy them when they look like the actual food your trying to imitate. You think your eating something salty and its sweet instead!

TV Dinner Cupcakes
Via: The Canadian Living crazy Cakes contest
This TV dinner cupcake ensemble is adorable! When I have some time I'm totally going to try to make these! I can't believe how real everything looks, especially the mash potatoes :)

Crafty Vegan Cupcakes
Via: Vegan Yum Yum
These cupcakes aren't too weird, but the details are awesome! Some like me would love these as a surprise! I personally would have gone with a different color frosting to bring out the colors better, but either way they are still very cute.

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!
Enjoy the Sun!

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