Cupcake Sunday

I'm adding some "What I really wore" pictures too. I guess you could this a lazy day ensemble, because I'm wearing a T-shirt and some baggy boy shorts. Those are the most comfy shorts in the world...but on me they are more like really short pants! You can't really tell in the picture but they are plaid and camo color. Anyway...on to the cupcakes!

Color Swirl Cupcakes

Everything I used was already pre-made or from a box. I admit I took the lazy out. I just finished my Finals for college so doing anything from scratch is out of the question! Next time they will be from scratch :)

These non-stick baking cups are amazing! I love the bright colors and they are easy to use and wash! This was my first time using them, so I was a little nervous on how they would turn out.

 I used pink, purple and a minty green color for my cupcakes. To be honest I never measure. I usually start with a small amount of color and then just add a couple drops until I get the color I want.
I then take a table spoon and add an equal amount to each cup. I was able to get 18 even cupcakes!

(I used a cookie sheet to place the cupcakes side by side)

 As you can see my icing technique was a little messy. I lost my piping bag so I had to improvise and use a sandwich bag with the end cut. I think cupcakes look more yummy when they are not perfectly iced...when they are too pretty, you never want to eat them, and we have devoured about 7 so far!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far :)
Baked anything good?

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