What I've been up to...

 So I have subscribed to julep.com  and I have become obsessed with their nail polish. If you haven't checked them out you should! They have a huge variety of colors and the quality is amazing! The nail polish also dries pretty quickly and I only need to put two coats on at the most. With other nail polishes it seems like I have to keep coating just to get the result I want.

In this picture I used Charlotte and Jessica for an Easter theme. I added some Wet N' Wild glitter too. This is my favorite nail polish to use right now. I'm so glad I tried something new, because nothing is worse than cheap nail polish that smears after an hour of drying and this is completely dry within 10 minutes!

Also, I know I have mentioned before that I love sending and recieving letters or packages and over at Gentri Lee's blog she has posted about a project that I so happily signed up for!

Click on the link above to find out more. I know that I am very excited about it! It's great opportunity to make new friends and with what better people than other bloggers! I hope some of you out there sign up too....you never know, we could end up being secret sisters :)

Here's an Easter picture, most of them were fails, which was very upsetting. My son kept making silly faces. It must be a teenager thing. I was so exhausted in this picture. This last week I think was spent in hoodies and jeans just because of all the snow we have been having still! Hopefully this dreary weather brightens up soon!

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