Send Something Good

Photo via : Gentri Lee
I'm so excited for this project! It's basically a gift exchange...but it's a surprise! Over 160 bloggers are a part of this project and I'm so glad I'm a part of this. As you can see three lovely ladies have put this together:

Gentri @ Gentri Lee

Kaitlyn @ isavirtue

Today my post is all about the things I love, so my secret sister can get an idea of what to send me...

My 10 favorite things

1.Anything that has to do with cupcakes!
2.Anything Hello Kitty :)
3.Greeting cards and post cards
4.The color pink
5.Cute girly vintage items
6.Reading funny quotes
8.Necklaces, bracelets & rings
9.Cute girly stickers
10.Anything Crocheted

Via: crochetpattern
I think this is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what I am going to get! Below you can see all the links to all the awesome bloggers participating!


  1. anything that has a cake like texture is a good idea. cupcakes included ;)

    glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

  2. I love cupcakes. A lot. Thank you for reminding me of that delicious treat :)

  3. Cupcake... yum. I was already contemplating getting one today. You may have just sealed the deal. haha! My niece LOVES hello kitty and I found a ton of cute Hellow Kitty items at Forever21!

  4. What a fun idea! Can't wait to see your surprise!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  5. Love your list!!! Except for the kittens haha, we have a family cat I've never been a fan :))


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