Monday Blues

Blue Crochet
cute owl iphone cover blue turquoise
Via: DaisyBeth
I had such an amazing weekend! I'm so sad to see it go. We went to the movies and saw 1000 words with Eddie Murphy, and it was so funny! We also got to spend a lot of family time together. The only downside was my wife got hurt and we spent last night in the E.R. She is okay. The doctor was convinced she had a fracture in her foot, but he could not find anything in her X-rays. They put her in a walking cast and on crutches and she is adorable. She's never broken or hurt anything severely in her life, so seeing her on crutches is kinda funny. Well my work week is about to begin...boooo. I hope it's a productive week! anyway, how cute is the iphone owl case up there?! I love it :)

I am lovin these cute slippers and the pattern is available here at TwoGirlsPatterns

This little peacock is awesome! I love all the bright colors and buttons...too cute! Via: Crafting Alchemist
I love the blues in this. I think I have had enough practice now to actually try to make a stuffed animal and I love looking around to find inspiration. This little guy is from Plus3Crochet and I think he is adorable!
Do you like to crochet? And how was your weekend?

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