Cupcake Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today is so beautiful outside and we have lots of family stuff planned :) I've been thinking a lot about tattoos lately and one my good friends is a tattoo artist, so he hooked me up with a couple cute hearts on the top of my wrist. (free of course) They're so cute, I love them! The hearts are from a Hello Kitty coloring book and I almost got Hello Kitty, but I think I will wait for a later time.

They are still dark in the picture, I barely got them last night. I can't wait to add more! I too, will someday have some cute treats tattooed on me. My little hearts mark the 7th time I've been tattooed, but they are so little I almost don't count them :) I found some cute cupcake inspiration while surfing around for ideas.... 

This portrait is amazing! I love all the shading, it's perfect!

You know you love baking and cupcakes when this is your chest piece. I love it!
Via : Dolce Cakes
I love this little cupcake, and I think it's in the cutest spot too :)
Via: Covering The Globe
I love these ideas and for someone like me, a cupcake tattoo is perfect. 
Do you have any tattoos planned?

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