Cupcake Sunday

Yay! It's Easter! I can't believe how fast it came. We had an Easter egg hunt this morning and then ate some of the eggs for breakfast. I recieved lot's of goodies too! My kids and wife bought me cards, candies and some pretty flowers for me to plant. I felt so spoiled! I almost never make a big deal out of Easter, but this year it felt extra special. No matter what your religion, the candy and festivities are so much fun. I think Spring and Easter cupcakes are some of my favorite cupcakes too! 

These bunnies are too cute! I love when bakers incorporate smaller cupcakes...neat idea!
This cupcake it's sooooo cute! Who wouldn't love a shy bunny cupcake? Great idea!
I love mini cupcakes, and this adorable bunny family of cupcakes is just too cute to eat...but I would still at them! So cute :)

Every Sunday I love sharing all my online finds and now that we are getting more settled in our new home, I want to do a lot more I use to. I admit that I have baked a couple times since we have been here, but my cupcakes didn't come out as beautiful as I hoped. I'm still getting use to my oven. It's propane and my other one was some fancy electric stove that was precise about the temperature. It spoiled me! So I'm still trying to get a feel for this stove. I'm getting there and I can't wait to post some of my own cupcakes! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and an awesome Sunday :)

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