Snail Mail

So last weekend my wife and I were unpacking a box that was for our desk. I also had unpacked one of her little baskets. She started going through it and we realized that we had a huge collection of greeting cards and postcards. She told me that she use to send out cards and postcards all the time, for no reason. So I thought what a fun thing to do!? Who doesn't love receiving things in the mail. That's one of the reasons I joined swap-bot. So we decided that every month we are going to send out cards and post cards, just because. We already sent out a few. Were going to start with friends and family. And if any of my lovely readers would like me to send you one just send me a message HERE. I love hand writing messages and I thought this would be fun. I'm not expecting anyone to write back, who does now-a-days? But in my small little effort I want to keep the original form of communication alive. I had 4 pen-pals when I was younger, back when computers didn't exist in everyone's home, and I loved it. I hope everyone is having a great weekend....and I'm off to do a long over due photo shoot...let's hope the weather agrees :) See you tomorrow with some yummy St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes!

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