Cute...but strange Thursday

I have to say, ever since I started doing this theme for Thursdays I really look forward to posting all the silly things I find during the week, all the pictures just make me smile. Thursday makes me smile's just that much closer to the weekend. I'm excited for this weekend too because it's a 3 day weekend for me and I have all 3 days off with my wife :)

Speaking of my wife, here she is with her cat Kovu, I'm Kovu's adopted Mommy, he loves to give me kitty kisses all the time. Doesn't he look like he's about to say something? I can imagine his voice sounding like the evil uncle lion Scar from the Lion King.

How cute is this little guy? Found him via: Dragan 

This baby octopus is too adorable! It's amazing how things start out so small and cute. Via: Source

Oh MY!!!! Is there a bunny under all that hair??? .........Source...... I couldn't imagine having to brush all that fluff on a regular basis.

I hope everyone is having a great so far :)

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