Cute...but strange Thursday

Once again the week has seemed to just fly by..has it for you too? The snow is falling and hopefully some warmer weather will be headed here least I hope so, because I could hear a lot of little birdies singing this morning :) Anyway, did you notice the makeover? I'm not quite done yet, but I felt the old layout just wasn't me. Let me know what you think! I still need to make buttons, a new page bar and some links..and a new signature. I have been having a lot of computer (technical difficulties) but I have overcome them and hopefully things will work now...keeping my fingers crossed! For today's finds, they are more on the cute side vs. strange..but I hope you enjoy them.

I love Unicorns and I found these on Thrift Core. It's a really cute blog if you love thrift store finds.

I also love dolls, my grandma had a lot of them and some looked just like this one that I found on Etsy   
in a cute shop called Ismoyo.

And how cute is this tent!? I would love to hideout in there and paint my nails. (picture found on And Then She Saved via Design Mom)

This little guy I found on Kaboodle. It's one of those really ugly things that's just too cute. I don't know if they have anymore in stock but you can buy this little guy from They some other cute owl stuff too.

Have you found any cute household finds lately?

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