V-day...and I won a giveaway!

So I know there's a lot of people who hate Valentine's day , but this day has a very special meaning to me. My daughter was born today, back in 2002. Which makes her the big 10 today! Double digits!
You can read more about her birth on my guest post over at From The Guest Room.


She has changed my life and so many ways. Everyone calls her my mini me. In some ways I love it...but in some ways I'm sacred! Every Valentines day, since she was born, has been all about her :)
I didn't plan on having her on Valentine's day, in fact she was 2 weeks early! So far this Valentine's we have baked, I made a heart shape cake for her and cookies. She has been showered with gifts and tonight were going out to her favorite restaurant, which is Chili's, and she will probably get Mac & Cheese. That is her favorite. I also plan on embarrassing her and telling them it's her birthday, so that we all get to sing to her. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Try not to hate today too much, it's here to make us stop and appreciate each other just a little more. and if you know someone who will be alone or single tonight, give them a call and tell them you care...or even be a shoulder to cry on.

Anyway enough with that! I wanted to mention a lovely lady name Rachelle over at The Nearsighted Owl. She Just recently she had a lovely giveaway, and I won! I won an awesome self portrait by her...

Eeka by Rachele

I love her drawings and who wouldn't want to be a cartoon?! I know I would, my mind is a constant silly cartoon show going on in there. I hope you all stop by her blog and say hi, she always has some sort of cuteness going on :)

Happy V-Day!
and go love someone today :)

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