Thrift Swap

So lately I discovered a website called I was a little hesitant at first to join, 1. because the website seemed a little cheesy and 2. I thought really? and it's free? So I gave it a try. I joined my first swap (which wasn't easy, since I was a "newbie") it was a Thrift swap. They have a grading scale and they will also tag you as a "flaker" if you do not go through with your swap. I was very pleased when I received my package! Everything was wrapped in cute vintage wrapping paper, which I loved! I couldn't keep it though because we were in the middle of moving. My partner in the swap was KristinaLynn and she has all high ratings. She is awesome. She also enclosed a card which was really cute too. Anyway here are some pictures of the items:

So I had to take all these pictures with my iPhone, and between the light bulbs in my house and trying not to have shadows, the color is off. That blue sash under the stickers is what is tied in a bow, in my hair. Please excuse the grainy-ness too :)

I had a bracelet like this when I was in High School, but it was black. Geez, High School was 13 years ago! Anyway I am in love with that little kitty pencil holder and also the cute handkerchief that is under everything, not to mention the owl stickers!!(I think I have to re-kindle my sticker collection) This swap was really successful and I plan on doing more for sure!  I received a 5 and Heart for my rating, which is the highest you can get :) I sent a handmade crocheted purse with handmade brooches that I found. They were so cute I wish I could have kept them!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week so far...mine has been usual.

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