Outfit Diary

So it's Monday and I know I usually post a "Monday Blues" dedicated to how Monday makes me feel blue, cheesy,I know but that's just me. Instead I thought since Valentine's day is tomorrow, why not find some pink? So I did. This is one of my favorites dresses, and I wear it all the time. I also want to use this post as a 10 million reasons why I need a new camera! Some of them are blurry and it's not my photographer's (Justice) fault.

My hair still had some volume here..
Hi Petuina!

I am in love with my shoes 
volume gone...hair goes up!
Hello Blurry...I hate you.
So there you go, We must have taken 50 pictures and some were so blurry there was nothing we could do with them. Oh well, I can't wait to get a new camera and put my photography skills to use.
Happy Monday!

P.S. My whole out fit was thrifted except the bracelet and hair-bow are from Wal-mart.

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