New York

So I was able to take a quick break from all the packing and give a quick update. Over the last weekend, my family (wife & kids) and my friend Laura took a trip to Manhattan to meet up with my older brother. It was a so much fun...and really exciting. It's so fast paced, that honestly it almost feels like it was all a dream. I miss my brother, but I'm glad that Jes was finally able to meet him. She got to meet the one person in my family that I am the closest to and it meant a lot to me. Here are some of the pictures of our short but sweet trip.

Our hotel daughter being shy
This chair was in our room...I wanted to steal it!!!

Hello kitty at FAO Shwarz

Jes hailing a cab :)

My brother Kevin, my son Cody and my daughter Justice

Laura and Jes at The W

Hello Kitty that I bought..she's wearing rainbow and holding a cupcake :)

I love candid shots....hahaha!
We had so much fun. My friend Laura watched the kids that night so we could go out and experience the New York night life. It was a lot like the L.A. night life. Everywhere we went the food was awesome, but I have another post for that :)

Have a great day everyone!

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