For the next week and a half we will be moving (yay!) I love moving to new places...I hate the actual labor part of it. We currently live in a townhouse like apartment that has 3 levels, so it's really going to suck moving things up and down stairs. The new house is one level and I'm so excited about that! I honestly never want to live in a multi level place for a long time, if not ever again. The house is up in the mountains off a dirt road with almost no neighbors. There's also 3 farms surrounding us. The house has obnoxious orange carpet (that I love) and the most awesome carpentry, like what you see in the above picture (the previous owner made that). I can't wait to paint and's going to be amazing. Sorry this post came so late, I normally have these done ahead of time. And just for the heck of it I'll throw in some Instagram from the week...

my nails :)
Flowers I bought for Justice
Some Thrift store finds
in my closet...for Febphotoaday

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