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I have been wanting to write about this for a long time now. It was brought on last night by a magazine article I saw in this month's Glamour. It was a retro section. And just to clear things up, growing up we called older clothes retro, and really old clothes vintage. I was curious if there was a distinct difference and there kind of is...

Retro : imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past (

Vintage Clothing :Vintage clothing is a term for clothing from another era. Usually clothing older than 25 years is considered to be vintage, Read this article for more info : Define Vintage Clothing

That means the clothes I wore in 1985 (my toddler are vintage!

I have been dressing retro/vintage since 1993. My mom use to take me to thrift stores when I was young, not because we didn't have money (we had A LOT) but because she said you could find really cute things for really cheap and buy a lot of them. Of course when I was little I only wanted to shop at the big department stores, but when I hit 12 I found that retro clothes were easy to come by in thrift stores. Not to mention all the strange cute goodies that people just gave away. I now pass this on to my daughter, who is always super excited to go thrift store shopping. She says it's like a giant treasure hunt. 

I was known all through school, for dressing different (hopefully in a good way!) having different colored hair and piercings. I have to admit that becoming a mom and being gay has had an impact on how I express myself and I've tried for a long time (in the process losing my true self) to down play how I dress. I was trying to fit in, but where exactly was I really going to fit in? I'm one of the only gay parents at my kids school, so soccer mom was out. I always feel a little off when I hang out with my friends that are gay, because I'm the only one who has kids. The funny thing is, is that each group has their own fashion. I saw this and tried to be like each. It's not until the last 3 years I realized, I'm not like any of these people. I'm me...which is a little weird....silly and I love to dress fun. 

I have posted a few outfit posts and those are just me getting my feet wet and trying to become comfortable is front of the camera (I'm usually behind it). I think I just wanted to put this out there so you (my awesome readers♥) can understand the random outfit posts. It's a way for me, to slowly fall back in love with me. I lost that in a past relationship and in a world I didn't belong in, now I'm going to spend my 30's getting "me" back. I'm lucky enough to have a wife who loves me so much, that she will pretty much support me in everything I do. I love fashion and I love being able to share that here(I grew up in L.A. & The O.C...I'm a huge critic, so if I thought what you were wearing was cute..that's a big deal!) Anyway, wow...this is probably the most writing I have done in awhile (outside of schoolwork) So I will stop here, and share a little of what inspires me.

Jason Wu dresses...I can't believe you can get them at Target! These dresses are from an older collection but I love the red and purple :)


I love these!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. What inspires you in fashion? Do you have any favorite designers or do you just go with what your eyes love?

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