Enchanted Blog Award

Today I was nominated by Jessa at Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa with the Enchanted Blog award. I've noticed that our blogging community does this pretty often and I was pretty excited to be recognized by a fellow blogger who I think, has the one of the cutest blogs and awesome fashion sense! So now I'm going to pay it forward and send this award to some awesome ladies!


♥If you have received this blog award, kindly post the picture thumbnail into your blog with the name of the one who gave it to you.

♥Don't pass this award back to me!

♥Pass this blog award around to as many blogs as you like! (optional)

and the award goes to......

All these ladies are amazing and you should definitely stop by their blogs and say hi :)
These gal's are much more then just enchanting, from the magical little creatures that Jayme creates to Meghan's everyday adventures in the city, you can count on them for great stories and awesome pictures.

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