Cute...But Strange Thursday

I can't believe this week is almost over! I have a few exciting things happening over the next couple of weeks. First, this weekend we will be in Manhattan...eeeeeep!!! I'm so excited! My older brother Kevin is visiting with his new girlfriend Kimberly and I finally get to meet her, and he finally gets to meet my wife! He wasn't able to fly out for our wedding, which left me heart broken, but now I finally get to see him after 2 years of not seeing each other. We are very close, in fact the I lived with him a few times because I hate being away from him. Were like best friends, but he has to put with my crap, because I'm the little sister :) Next on the agenda is this crazy move! I'll be taking a lot of pictures and before and afters. Our new place needs work, so I have a lot of projects lined up. So today's theme will have more of an inspirational theme for our new home.

This chair is totally strange :)
Manolo for the Home
This is my inspiration for our new house
lot's of color!
I would love to just sit on this couch and take lots of pictures!
I like, whatever that is, on the ceiling. It gives a canopy your in a tent.
So what is your inspiration for decorating and designing? I'd love to know!

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