Cupcake Sunday

I'm Back!
Via: Clever Cupcakes
We just got the internet back on and let me tell you how excited I am to be in touch with the rest of the world! Moving up into the mountains has been adventure. We had to use a 20 foot moving truck and we filled it twice, and all by ourselves. Today we both woke up very as if we had been through boot fact this move made basic training look like a piece of cake. I can't wait to have everything unpacked and decorated. I also just want to be back to my regular (crazy) routine. I have a few things coming up in my future posts and one them is about If any of you have been to this site you would know that it can be a lot of fun. The girl I just recently received a thrift store swap from, sent me the cutest package and can't wait to find it (among all my boxes) and share! In the mean time here are some cute cupcakes to drool over...

This is how it feel's outside my house..
The Complete Cupcake

This is what I want it to feel outside...I'm going to have to make these when were unpacked.
Creamy Dreamy Lemonade Cupcakes Betty Crocker
Via: Pretty Foods

I love colorful cupcakes..especially when there is no rhyme or reason to them :) Most of my fun cupcakes end up looking like these....and are much more fun to eat, you don't feel as guilty than when you bite into a really pretty, work of art cupcake.

I have a busy week ahead of me (no surprise) but most of it will be full of putting my house together. I have to go to all my favorite blogs and catch up on everyone's posts too :)
Have a great Sunday!

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