Snow Day!

We are finally getting some decent snow here in Vermont, and I'm so excited! I moved here for the snow and clean air and I'm sad when the "in-between" seasons take too long. So When it started coming down I grabbed my camera and ran outside. I'm sure some of my neighbors got a kick out of watching me run around by myself! Too bad my kids were in school, I look a lot less silly when there with me....I guess kids are a great excuse to set up a camera and shoot away. Here's some pictures of the pretty snow. I wouldn't consider this an outfit post , there's mostly portraits but I'll give you the details anyway :)

I make silly's what I do :)
Coat on after running around with no coat...ssshhh don't tell my kids!

Hello silly socks!

Fresh powder.
Starting to get very snowy on me..

1. let it snow 2. look at me! 3. wait. don't look at me!
4. The Scarf  5.not too bad out  6.Okay time to go in!

Sweet Little Details:
Hat - My wife's 
Black Pea Coat - Thrifted
Electric Blue zebra top - Plato's Closet
Grey Not-so-skinny pants - Old Navy
Scarf - Hot Topic
Rainbow socks - gifted
Boots - Target 

I can't wait to take more Snow pictures! Some much needed sledding is going to happen :)

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