Random Tuesday

Just a couple notes

I dyed the ends of my hair last Thursday, It looks red in this picture for some reason but it's Cherry Cola. I think when I touch it up I'm going to add some hot pink so it looks more pink. I love that I can color my ends and still get away with having color in my hair at work. Also I wanted to add that I had a late B-day outing and oh my! ...it was like a night from my early 20's, Here's a couple pictures..lol I don't drink, but When your in your 30's staying up until 4am makes you feel hungover anyway.

Me, my wife, our friend Craig and his friends :)

The Room and my wife.....we were Rock Stars. Our friends had to work, they left early.

 Other pictures are on other people's phones (not awesome). Anyway, I've been trying to think of some more ideas for more tattoos, especially since I would like to work more on my sleeve. So here are some pretty tattoos I found along my search.

I already have tattoos on both of my wrists but I thought this was cute

My brother has a beautiful Koi fish on his arm and I want one on mine to represent him.

 I love Mermaids and Traditional ink, This one is cute :)

I have so many ideas for what I want next I just cant decide on what I want to do. I'm sure when the time comes I'll be able to decide on either the cupcake, Koi Fish or Mermaid. I'm getting all 3 in different places, but I have a feeling the Koi Fish will be next. 

This picture definitely inspires me

Do have any upcoming tattoos planned?


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