Random Tuesday

Believe it or not but I have been trying to figure out what to blog about on Tuesdays. I have almost been obsessing over it! From all my ideas I just figured I needed something random, like me :) So from this day forward all my Tuesdays will be dedicated to my randomness. Being completely random is what I'm good at, hence the name of my blog. Plus Tuesdays are kind of my favorite....just like the color pink....and speaking of pink, I forgot to add pictures of mine and my daughters nails (who I almost named Tuesday, but I liked Justice better) We painted our nails while we baked our cupcakes. The majority of it was while they were cooling.

The grey is my Sally Hansen Extreme wear and the pink is Wet'n'Wild. I had to go back and touch up my pink, but they came out pretty cute. The heart and little gem is actually from my daughters tattoo stencil kit. It has a ton of sticker stencils that also work great for your nails! Justice did hers all by herself with the star stencils. She even went and grabbed my blow dryer and set it up on the kitchen table to help dry our nails. I think they came out pretty cute :)

Heres some other nail ideas I thought were really cute:

Jessa'a Cupcake nails 

Kayla's Galaxy nails

Source and more cool nails

Elycia's Chevron Nails

I'm glad my daughter shares the same nail obsession as I do :) Sometimes we sit and google pictures of nail ideas so we can try them out...it's nice to have a partner in crime!
I hope everyone is having a great week so far

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