Photo-A-Day Recap

February is here! 

This Month has 3 special meanings for me:

1. My daughters Birthday, which is on Valentines day :)

2. My wife's Birthday, which is on Groundhog's Day (tomorrow)

and 3. My Nephew Joon's Birthday, He will be out!

Today I have to go get a CT scan (scary) to see if I have any more kidney stones (ouch!) Wish me luck!
In the meantime here is a re-cap of my January Photo-A-Day Via Fat Mum Slim I had so much fun that I'm going to join the February challenge and I'm also going to pick a day and do her Photo an Hour challenge too. Haha...I ramble so much sometimes.....let's try this again!.....

I started late in the challenge on day 12, so it will be pictures 12 - 31 oopsy :)

Day 12. Close-up
Day 13. Inside your Bag // Day 14. What your reading // Day 15. Happiness

Day 16. Morning

Day 17. Water // Day 18. Something you bought // Day 19. Sweet

Day 20. Someone you love
Day 21. Reflections // Day 22. Shoes // Day 23. Something Old // Day 24. Guilty pleasure
Day 25. Something you made // Day 26. Color // Day 27. Lunch // Day 28. Light
Day 29. Inside your Fridge // Day 30. Nature // Day 31. You

All these pictures were taken with my iPhone except for Day 20. That was from my wedding day (another wedding pic? was the most stressful and amazing day of my life) Day 17. was taken with with my little Nikon last Summer. I post all my pictures to Instagram @eeka_cupcake_ninja I love Instagram!

Do you do any Photo challenges? I would love to see them :)

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