Outfit Diary

The Vintage Librarian

So I totally felt like an old school librarian in this one. My daughter took most of these pictures and I took some of her too, she is quit the fashionista and her pictures are below. We had a Mommy/Daughter type photo shoot...lol..we had fun. I'd love to see her model professionally someday :) Those glasses are actually prescription and I do need them to see. We had a lot fun doing this, I love including my daughter in everything. I'm lucky that she is as girly as I am!

When the weather gets warmer we are definitely going to do more outfit posts together..she got cold and ran inside after 5 minutes. I hope you enjoyed these!

My outfit details:
Shoes-Plato's Closet

Justice's Outfit:
It was all gifted
Shoes were from David's Bridal, they were the shoes she wore in our wedding

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