My First DIY!

Chinese Paper Lanterns
These are super easy and fun to do if you little ones in the house. My daughter helped with these but my wife and I ended up finishing them up. We made 16 in all! And The are even more cute if you make them in multiple colors. We used Red & Yellow for Chinese New Year.

All you is :
1. Multi-colored construction paper
2. Scissors 
3. stapler or tape (I used a stapler)
4. String or yarn to hang them
5. Thumb tacks

First you fold the paper to make a rectangle or as my daughter calls it: long ways
 Next you cut strips into the folded side, but leave about an 1 inch to an inch & 1/2
 Then you will unfold the paper and bring the short sides together.
 Sorry it's blurry, but next you staple or tape the ends.
 Almost done!
 Now you add the handle make little strips long enough for a little arch.
 All done!
 Then you find a really tall friend to help hang them, if you don't have one then use a chair :)

All together for Football and Chinese New Year's Eve 1/22/2012
top row: Omar, Me and my neighbor Elma
Bottom: My in-laws Sherri and Steve and Mark (Elma's Husband)

Those lanterns were a lot of fun and we also made our own red money envelopes, that came out really cute.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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