Monday Blues

Today I decided to do something different. I thought I'd make it a little more personal and take some pictures with my iPhone of blue things around my house. This made me feel a little better about it being Monday. I have to work all day and my wife has the next 2 days off...not fair! But that's okay...she can cook and here are my blue pictures for today:

My daughter wanted to help (not surprised )
Blue Balloon

The top set is Justice's eyes and the bottom cross-eye'd ones are Jes's (my wife)
This was photo shopped a little :)

My unfinished practice doily...I will finish it...someday 

Hand-painted Star coat hanger

This is a blue cup left over from the says hi on it :)

 Pretty little blue bird that lives in my has 2 sisters

 Electric Blue eye-shadow that's in my M.A.C. palette

I was pretty surprised that I had so many things. It's not a color that I usually think about buying or having. I like pinks, puruple, yellow, grey, black. I wasn't even sure I would find enough blues. I have to say that I love blue eyes though :) I hope everyone has a great Monday, as you read this I will be at my desk waiting for 4:30 to come!

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