MMMmmmMM Homemade Bread!

Last night My wife made bread from scratch and it is so yummy! If you knew you her, you wouldn't picture her as a domesticated Betty Crocker, but she does know her way around a kitchen. So I decided to embarrass her and take picture. It was a lot easier than I though and we didn't have to wait forever to let the bread rise. I think I would much rather bake my own bread from on instead of buying it from the store. At least this way I know exactly what is being put in it. The kids made sandwhiches today with it and they loved it.

This stuff is like magic!

me trying to be front of a trash blue thing is a huge frog.

I told her: "Smile! it's going on my blog!"

mix away!

doughy fingers.

Lemur disguised as a panda watching her knead.

Of course our cat had to see what we were doing and sit right on the flour!!! so not cute. His butt ended up white, but don't worry this was after she was all done.

And Viola! Super yummy bread! I'm so proud of my honey, not bad for it being her first time baking bread!
Do you guys ever make your bread from scratch? Do you have any advice? Our instructions said not to use a bread pan and we didn't , which I think makes it a little harder to make sandwiches on because the slices are a little small. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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