Happy New Year!

Today is the Lunar New Year! I'm actually really excited for this New Year because it's the year of the Black Water Dragon. I know it sounds a little scary but it's not. It will be a great year for all the Chinese zodiac signs, especially the monkeys...which is me...I was born in the year of the Golden Fighting Monkey Here's a little bit about that..plus if you were born from Feb 16 1980 - Feb 4 1981 this is you :


Gold Monkey
Gold Monkeys are more responsible, devoted and dedicated than most — Monkeys with this element aren't as interested in monkeying around.
They have great timing and a clear concept of time.
Most Gold Monkeys are workaholics. Sometimes they work all night long, or forget to eat because they are so absorbed in their latest project.
They are most successful when they are supported by a network of friends. Encouragement from good friends boosts the Gold Monkey's confidence.
Gold Monkeys are blessed when it comes to wealth. They have the potential for lots of money. And often they keep busy making money. They love to move around, travel and switch jobs often to earn money.
As active and lively as they are, one thing about the Gold Monkey remains steady: their level of enthusiasm. Gold Monkeys are very compassionate souls.

You can also read more about the monkey sign here and other signs here. The Chinese zodiac has been around for more than 5,000 years and is much more complicated than what most people think. Celebrations in Asia started yesterday and will continue for the next 2 weeks. There so many traditions that coincide for New that I wouldn't even know where to begin. All I know that it's really fun to be apart of....plus if your a child elders give you money in little red envelopes!
I hope everyone has a great Monday! Today is my son's Birthday...The big 12! So today is "Double Happiness" for us :) I'll be back later to post a simple DIY on how to make simple Chinese Lanterns.

Does your family celebrate any holidays that are not traditionally celebrated here in the states? I'd love to hear about it!

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