Half way through the First week!


I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Were halfway through the first week in 2012. Yesterday was awesome! I had a great birthday :) I got to Skype with my nieces and my nephew who live in L.A. They definitely help me feel less crazy and remind me that I come from the most perfectly un-perfect family. Both my parents called and even my new brother in-law Kevin called (which was an awesome surprise!) My wife took me to this cute little place called Penny Cluse Cafe for my birthday breakfast. I loved it!


These pictures were taken with my iPhone, I was too 
embarrassed to bust out my camera because we were seated right in the middle of everyone and shared the table with another couple...I wasn't about to be that person! So I handed my phone to my wife and this is what we came up with..lol...we were too busy joking and laughing that I totally forgot to take pictures of my food...I even forgot to Yelp. So that is me, drinking fresh squeezed tangerine juice....and it was amazing!!

I was making fun of her and telling her I would turn her into a photographer sooner or later. She really doesn't give herself enough credit. Next we were suppose to go walk along the lake and take pictures but that didn't happen because the weather was horrible. Cold (about 2 degrees) and windy, which made it feel a lot colder. So on our way back to the car I spotted this place:


Come to find out that they have all kinds of fun stuff like bacon flavored toothpicks and popcorn smelling air fresheners for your car. They offered consignment and had antique jewelry and of course they have adorable clothing. I tried on a few things but only took a picture of a couple, because they had a "no cell phone rule" so I had to be a sneaky ninja! Here's a couple pictures that I was able to take in the dressing Room. I actually had two more dresses that I tried on, but one was not flattering and the other one I forgot to take a picture of, but I am definitely going back to get it.

The first picture is a dress I bought the day before at Macy's (the clearance rack, of course!) it's one of those one shoulder dresses. It's really cute and comfy and I can't wait for summer so I can wear it without a my old lady sweater :) OF course I'm rockin the leggings and short boots for the freezing weather! The second dress is a sweater dress and it's super, super comfy!! This is the one I bought, It's so comfortable I could wear it around the house or as pj's. The third dress I fell in love with and I'm going back to get when I have a little more money because the holidays drained my wallet. I promise I will take better pictures of it because my iPhone doesn't give it the credit it deserves. The collar is adorable and I love the little three buttons that come down the side. Both of those dresses are by a clothing line called Angie. So the other dress that I am going back for is this very sweet pink and orange wool dress straight out of the 50's. In fact when I had put my hand in the pocket there was a little colorful handkerchief in it. It was beautifully made and I can tell it wasn't a dress that was mass marketed. 
The Owl is a beautiful necklace I found at Clothing Line, and this tiny beckoning cat :) (which is for good fortune) All these are Birthdays presents my wife let me pick out, I love her so much!

That night my wife and kids sang Happy Birthday to me again...They did the cake thing the night before because my friend Omar's birthday is today and we weren't going to see him on his birthday so we doubled up. My wife only put the one on my slice...she thought she was being funny, and yes those are xmas decorations in the background!...I swear I will take them down soon! lol Well that's it for now! I hope everyone has a great day!

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