Happy Friday!

From top right to left:

Mommy & Daughter silly faces // my 3 little birdies// Kovu// Owl Necklace
Fun goodies @ClothingLine//me//Tangerine juice//pretty sunset
puppy sitting Cisco//Chinese dragon//bite your head off!//Petunia's new bone
New iPhone app//busy road!//snoopy kiss//silly faces
sleepy//upside down//snoop dog//driving

Today I emptied out my iPhone and ended up dumping 589 pictures! Geez, I had no idea how many I had, I never look. Some of these made it on my instagram. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, and yes I am also notorious for taking driving pictures...but only at stoplights! OR if I'm in the passenger seat :) 

I got this idea from Sammy @ Everything in Between and I think it's great, this way I don't feel like these pictures get forgotten or lost among all the other pictures. As time goes on my photo dumps will probably make more sense...or maybe not :)

Also, Last night at dinner my daughter said: "I can't wait for Sunday" my wife asked why? My daughters reply:
"Cause it's Cupcake Sunday! We have to bake for mommy's blog."
So it looks like we will be baking this Sunday :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and awesome weekend!
See you Sunday!

Cupcakes & Kisses

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