Flashback Friday

One of my favorite fads was and still is Rockabilly. In fact I'm quite the swing dancer too. I loved the music and everything that is/was Rockabilly. I sported the Betty Page bangs and all. I was going through some old pictures and even found one where I was wearing a top that had a leopard collar along with the signature bangs. I miss getting all dolled up and going to a car show or concert, but those days have passed and I definitely have not seen anyone here in Vermont rockin' the Rockabilly. I love the two different styles of shoes I have here, but honestly, I probably would rock that dress with a pair of converse. 

Now, I named this post Flashback Friday and I thought I would go back, way back. Back to 1947 (which inspired my rockabilly phase..lol) But I really wanted to do this flash back for my Grandma. I love her and miss her everyday. She passed away in 1995, She was about 82. She lived a long life, and from what I have heard from my Great Aunt Norma, she was quite the dresser in her heyday. Here are some of her pictures that were passed down to me. I love old vintage pictures and I have a lot of them! She grew up on a farm in Michigan and moved a lot after she married my grandpa, who was in the navy. They eventually found their way to L.A., hence where my dad grew up and had me :)

We plan on taking a road trip this summer from Vermont to Michigan to visit my family, who I haven't seen since I was 5. My Great Aunt Norma, who was really close to my grandma (she had 7 sisters!) has pictures she wants to give me and I can't wait to see them!

I also just want to add the Etta James has passed away.
Thank you for all your wonderful music..
Rest in Peace.

Do you have any vintage pictures? Where did your family originate from?
I love history, especially family history
I hope everyone has great weekend :)

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