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The weather is horrible out! It's 16 degrees out and raining, which is not good. All the schools State wide are closed. I will be at work, but my wife has to stay home with the kiddos. I hope that all this wet snow doesn't turn to ice, because that would be very dangerous to drive in. I hope all of you have a great Friday. Class last night was awesome, and just to fill you in I'm a Criminal Justice Major and last was my Criminal Justice Class. I know your probably thinking, huh? But hey, my daughter's name is Justice for a reason. I love fashion, tattoos, hair & makeup, writing and photography, but I once was a correctional officer (and really good at too) and some day I plan on going back. It fulfills my need to give back to my community by making sure it stays safe. Anyway, that's a whole other  story! On to the fill-in-the-blanks! Which is about travel :)

1.   My favorite place I've ever traveled to is    Alaska, my mom lives there and I actually lived with her for awhile. It was breath taking!   .

2.    Tibet     is somewhere I'd love to go someday.

3.  I pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by     listening to music and playing games with my kids. we also take lots of silly pictures in the car      .

4.  My three must-haves when I travel are     my iPhone    ,    my kids   and     sweat pants!

5.  My favorite travel companion is    my wife Jes, she is the most fun!

6.  The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is    When traveling to Asia on our way to Hong Kong we flew over a hurricane and the plane kept dropping, I was freaking out! Being on a plane for 18 hours isn't fun in the first place, but then it's dropping and hitting really bad thanks!

7.  The most exotic food I've ever tried while traveling is    All the Filipino food!I was raised eating Korean food growing up, which most people think is exotic, but when your in the jungle in the Philippines, there are things that just should't be considered food, even though my cousins love it! lol Just watch Bizarre foods on the Travel Channel and you will understand.

8.  If I could live anywhere else, I'd live in   New Jersey on the Jersey Shore with my wife's family or back in L.A. with my family. We really love Vermont though, it's beautiful and unpolluted with nice people :)

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