Cupcake Sunday

Birthday (Boy) Inspired

My sons Birthday party was awesome. Everyone came and it was filled with lots of boy stuff. We had an Xbox 360 Kinects tournament that was awesome. My daughter had a sleepover at her friends house so that she didn't feel left out. We had movie night with popcorn and the kids were in their sleeping bags by 10pm! I have to say after 12 years of this I think it will be the last slumber party, only because boys take up a lot of room (and are kinda smelly! haha) The rest of my day will consist of cleaning and relaxing!

Anyway, In light of my sons birthday I thought I would look up cute birthday cupcakes and here are some super cute ideas for boy birthday cupcakes!

These are similar to the 2 birthday cakes I made this week for my son. Boys love dirt cake!
Via: Star Bakery

I thought these aliens were cool!
Via: The Twisted Sifter
These little monster cupcakes are really cute and easy to make!
Via: P&E very cute DIY :)

I've got Star Wars fans in my house who would greatly appreciate these cupcakes :D
Via: The Official Star Wars Blog
I hope you enjoyed my finds, I really want to make those monster cupcakes! 
Hows your weekend going?

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