Cupcake Sunday Part 2

Oreo Cupcakes!

I love the blogging world :) I found this recipe on Violet's Blog, but originally came across it on Elycia's Blog. So there you have it I found it through Blog-vine.
I added a little something extra though. On top of putting Oreo cookies I crushed up some Jolly Rancher flavored candy canes left over from Christmas. They definitely added some extra sweetness and are super yummy :)

Mommy's little helper.

Justice decided that we needed to ad pink and lavender swirls

I'm trying to be slick and failing at taking a picture of myself stirring.

yummy spoon :)

Cookies are in...

 all set!


All Done!

Here's what the inside looked like:

My wife really liked them :) in fact we all had some, but I will be delivering the rest to my neighbors. We can't eat all of them. When you make cupcakes with color layers I find that you only get 18 instead of 24 but it's better any way! Time to clean up and relax.


  1. Oreo Cupcakes?
    You are killing me here on Sunday evening!
    My hubby and I had dinner like one hour ago.
    Now I'm craving for something and I saw your oreo cupcakes!
    I wish I were your neighbor so I could get some of these from you :D
    Looks good!
    I want to bake them too :)
    Happy Sunday Evening!

  2. They were delicious honey! I'll be your tester any day!

  3. Ooooh I'm so excited to see someone else trying it! Yours turned out sooo pretty ^_^

  4. Oh my yum! Those look soooo good! Definitely bookmarking to have a whirl at this one!

    Love & Lollies...

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