See ya later 2011!!

This weekend is the last weekend in 2011...and my oh my, what a year! Here's a little re-cap of the many happenings and highlights.

A crazy Bridal Shower! lol For 2 brides...we were pretty spoiled :)

The Jersey Shore wedding... Buddhist inspired, Asian theme.
Top row:  Me&Jes - Omar & Stephanie (bridal party) - Kevin, Kaylah, Justice, Jes, Me, Cody, & My new in-laws
Middle row:  kissy kiss - Streeter & Cheli (bridal party)
Bottom Row: Jes's Brother & Best Man Kevin & his fiance Kaylah - My son - My daughter & Flower girl Amara

Such a fun day! Everything fell into place last minute. I couldn't believe how stressful it was, especially since I had to do all the planning out of state. My mother-in-law helped with everything and Jes's Great Aunt made our cake and Floral arrangements. No one in my family came, except for my my brother, who lives in Germany, but I'm so grateful for everyone who was able to be there. I spent most of the day on the dance floor...because it was impossible to breathe in that dress!! lol The things we do to feel pretty!

The best part is that we live in Vermont and Gay Marriage is real Marriage :) I even took Jes's last name.

You can see more wedding pictures HERE.

I was going through some of my pictures and found the one on top was very similar to our wedding cheek kiss :)

Anyway...enough with all the wedding mushy stuff!
For our honeymoon we went on a cruise

This was on Carnival Glory. We did a short cruise to Canada out of New York City, just in case we did't like it. Jes caught food poisoning for a few hours after she ate some clams in St. John, but besides that it was awesome!

This dude had some strange outfit everyday!!! I had to take a picture with him!

My daughters big Ballet recital was amazing!

We couldn't take pictures or video in the auditorium...boooo!

We spent a lot of time in Jersey

This is at the beach

One major event this year, was surviving Hurricane Irene. It was one of the most scariest times that my family and I have ever been through. From living in California I have been through earthquakes and fires, but nothing was as scary as Irene was. There are still business' in my town recovering from all the damage. I still get a little startled when I hear sirens. We made it through and the fire fighters evacuated us just in time. We came back the next day and found that everything was still in place....but everyone around us was devastated. We were very lucky!

Since I'm counting my blessings here is a list of things (New Year's Resolutions) I would like to accomplish.

1. Lose the first 10 I'm starting with 10 I don't overwhelm myself  (Marriage has made me very happy!)

2. Write more My book isn't going to finish itself!

3. Meditate more once a week and every full moon (it's a Buddhist thing)

4. Up my clothing collection! and take pictures :)

5. Up my shoe collection! and take pictures :)

6. Buy more accessories especially now that I have a pretty jewelry box!

7. Visit out of state family! We are hopefully planning a road trip to Michigan :)

8. Not let turning 31 get me down My B-day is Jan 3rd 

9.Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!! with Xbox 360 ;) 

10.Play more video games! 

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years! I don't like driving anywhere on New Year's so we are staying home....but our neighbors invited us over for some festivities so we will probably be stopping there for a bit! I love blogging and there will definitely be a lot more to come in I also celebrate Chinese New Years...This Year is the Year of the Dragon! And it falls on my son's Birthday! So all you Dragons, Monkeys (me) and Rats are going to have a great year! And if you don't know your sign...just ask! I have a lot of information on the Chinese zodiac...even when your sign is combined with Western Astrology :)

Happy New Year!!!
See you in the New Year!...which is sunday :)

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