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Writing...as an Art

Via Bret Mcnee Dr. Seuss original sketch

One of my all time favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. In fact my favorite book is "And To Think That I Saw IT On Mulberry Street". I am such a kid at heart that I don't ever want to grow up and my kids love it. It definitely comes out in my parenting style too. Art is all around us, in the clothes we wear, the things we see on T.V. and the internet, the books we read...even cooking/baking is an art. As with any art there are guidelines and rules...and with any artist, we all know those rules are there for breaking!

Poetry and Creative writing are my favorites, so I decided to dedicate my Tuesday's to Poetry. Why Tuesdays? Why not?

So for all you creative artists' (painters, writers, photographers,bakers, fashionista's) Here's a fun little game I play with my kid's. They don't even realize they are making poetry either!

1. Think of a name, any name, the sillier the better!

I will use Sherman Eugene

2. Think of an animal

I will go with a frog

3. Pick a color

Green will do :)

And go! Make each sentence rhyme. Don't be afraid to make up words either! You don't have to write any of it down, sometimes I will start and then my daughter will come up with a rhyming sentence, and we will do this while cleaning...it makes the cleaning fun.....or if your having a moment when you feel "stuck in a rut" making up silly rhymes will get those creative juices going!

Via Lynn Gianni

"Sherman Eugene, my your frog is so mean
he sits and just stares at the wall
with green slimy skin, I think that fly just might win
No that fly has no chance at all...."

Via Bang a Left

I once knew a fella named Sherman Eugene
he owned a small frog
who was green 
and mean
he fed him some flies
and in the blink of an eye
that frog 
was on his trampoline!

Have a great Tuesday! And if you come up with any cool little poems...please share them with me!
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