I love to meditate. I have been meditating since I was little girl and now I can pretty much do it anywhere. I have been teaching my children how to meditate the last few years and it's amazing how much it helps them.
For example, last night was crazy. I was tired and my kids were cranky. I went downstairs to do the dishes and my kids were upstairs in their rooms because they were grounded. They started to yell at each other and I heard things fall so I yelled for them (in my mommy voice) for them to come downstairs. They started to use their winey voices, because they thought they were in trouble. I had them both sit in front of our Altar in the lotus position and light a couple candles. I told them they had to meditate in silence for 5 minutes. I struck my Tibetan singing bowl and they were silent. For five minutes they were silent and I helped coached the breathing. It was amazing. when the five minutes were over they were completely different kids. they were happy and laughing and the night went much better.

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