Hello Kitty Bliss

So in our rush to get out the door Friday morning to travel down to New Jersey, I actually didn't receive my Christmas present til today. I had absolutely no idea what my wife was getting me...and to my surprise it was perfect :) She somehow found time away from me (which is almost never, except for work) to buy fabric and have a clutch custom made for me by Kaylah (The Dainty Squid)....she is an amazing seamstress, and it came out perfect! Here's a few pictures....sorry if some are a little blurry...I was really excited!

As you can see Mr. Panda wallet is happy in his new home...and that fancy butterfly tattoo is from daughter's new tattoo set...we were playing tattoo shop and decided that we probably don't have a future in doing tattoos...lol

I had to share this too! Got this from my wife's Grandma :)

You can find more of Kaylah's work Here.

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