Happy Monday!

Necklace: Thrifted
Yellow Hello Kitty Top: Hot Topic
Purple checkered dress: Thrifted
Triangle Nails: The Dainty Squid

Today is the starting point of my birthday week! I'm so excited. My daughter and I will be going to a couple boutiques today. I also got on the scale today and found that I've already lost 3 lbs (part of my resolutions...cliche..I know) my secret? Miso soup :) As a child I hated eating that stuff! I would just eat the tofu and seaweed...but as an adult I cant get enough :) Below are a few items I would love to have!

California Dreamin'

1) Show Your True Collar Top- My favorite color!And I love the cute little collar they added.
2) Tori Grey Shorts- These are very cute and could match with so many different tops :)
3) Owl Cupcake Necklace- This charming little necklace can be found here at Erika's Jewels Boutique She makes lots of different style's and they are super adorable!
4) Cupid Island Wedge- These dreamy shoes are by ModCloth and I fell in love with them!
5) Lime Green Handbag-Simple and cute....love it with those wedges.
6) Gold Cupcake Necklace- I feel in love with this necklace...but I can't find it's original source! If anyone knows, please let me know!

If I was back home in California I would definitely be able to wear this outfit right now...lol...but I'm not. In Vermont I probably won't be able to wear shorts until April. So for now I will sit here and dream underneath all the layers I have to wear. I love it (sarcasm) when my dad calls to tell me how the weather is in L.A. Were always 50 degrees colder! He called last Friday just to tell me that it was 76 degrees out! (sigh) Yet I love Vermont and all the seasons, so I'm not moving back anytime soon!

Yesterday I was really sick so my daughter baked...using her easy bake oven of course and here is her master piece:

The master baker
I live vicariously through my daughter..lol..I wanted one when I was little...but my dad bought me a microscope instead!
Ready to go in the oven!
9 minutes and they are done!
Pink Sugar cookies with a lemon filling! They were no bigger than a quarter :)

It was really cute watching her make all the cookies...and she even cleaned up her own mess!
Well were off to go shopping now!
Hope everyone has a great Monday :)

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