Flashback Friday (My BFF)

Garden Grove, CA My Best Friend's Birthday Circa 1990?

Yup, I'm the little girl in the front on the right and it was probably my idea to put the spoons on our noses! My best friend Jamie is in the back right with the pink in her hair. We have been best friends since 1989, which means this upcoming year it will be 23 years!
In Orange County this was the cool thing to do...lol...I believe these pictures are from 1996 & 1997

Me & Jamie at Disneyland CA 1994 (I'm 13, she's 12)

We use to do everything together! We both had Disneyland passes and went all the time and I dragged her to every party I went to in Jr. High and High school. In fact the only time we weren't together was when she would get grounded....and we won't talk about the time we changed our report cards! She Grew up in a stable structured home where homework, dinner, shower, and bedtime was at the same time every night, which was the complete opposite for me. Our families were different in every way possible! The only thing we had in common was that our families were well off, I was just allowed to have as much freedom as I wanted.

Long Beach , CA  2005

We have been through up's and down's like any friendship. I think the longest we went without talking was probably a year, but this was before the internet and Myspace and Facebook, and before everyone owned a cellphone.
Now were all grown up, married with kids. She lives in Las Vegas now and of course I'm all the way on the East coast in little Vermont but we talk everyday, send each other things in the mail and Skype. I have seen her twice since I've moved out here in 2008. Once on her honeymoon in New Hampshire and when I went to CA and Vegas in 2010.

New Hampshire

Las Vegas 2010 Wynn Hotel

Jamie, Baby Jack and her husband 2011 Family Photo Shoot in Orange County, CA
Photos by: Byron Lacson Photography

I love my Best friend and I don't know what I would do without her!

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