Cute...but strange Thursday :)

I can't believe it's Winter Solstice already! Chanukah (Hanukkah) is on it's 3rd day and Christmas is this weekend!! Time flies...anyway, this will be my Thursday "thing". I'll be posting my strange and funny little finds, which make me smile and since it's the holidays I will try to keep that theme for today!

I love pugs...especially in hats!

Happy Holidays Buddha!


Even Santa needs to meditate!
Daily Buddhism

Cosy for your tea kettle :)

Super cute puppies!


So cute..I would love a mounted unicorn!

Yarn xmas tree

I hope you enjoyed these like I did. I love to look up strange things or even just come across them by reminds me of the creativity that is out there. I love when people aren't afraid to create things that are out of the ordinary...and share them :)

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