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A little bit of this...and a little bit of that
Yes, I made those cupcakes :)

Hi I'm Erica! or Eeka (which is my nickname) and you can read about how I got it here. Thanks for visiting and please read on.......it's a small little glimpse of who I am :)

My Hobbies
1.I love Photography, I took courses in high school and college, and I'm hoping to get a super sweet camera soon...but for now I shoot with my iPhone and Nikon Coolpix. Bare with me!

2.Baking, baking, baking! I love cupcakes but I also make breads, cookies, pastries, cakes and anything else that is sweet :) I dedicated cupcakes to Sunday on my blog.

3.Writing. I write short stories, I've started 2 books and I indulge in poetry. I have a huge poetry collection, all written by me which I will start sharing soon.

4.I love anything creative, even if it's something I've never tried before! I think I'm going to try knitting soon!

I am random, yes. In fact I have this blog as an outlet for my a.d.d. and writing. On that note I have 7 completed journals. 3 I think are the only ones that have survived all of my moves. I have moved more times than I can count, but if I had to give you a number it would probably be around 30 times (California, Alaska, a long stay in Texas and now Vermont). I was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up with a strong Hollywood influence in everything I do.

I have been through dance classes (Jazz and Tap) and I was on my high school dance team. I only have 6 tattoos but I'm working on getting a lot more. Sleeves and a chest piece are my goal. I have had over 22 piercings (not at the same time) I have had about 10 at the same time. Unfortunately any piercings I had on my face my kids managed to rip out (ouch!!) My hair changes constantly (colors and cut), but for the last year and a half I have let it grow out. This is the longest I have gone without pink hair or a faux hawk. Speaking of hair, I also went to cosmetology school. I am a makeup artist too, but there's not much work here in Vermont, where I currently live.

My son Cody

My daughter Justice

Growing up was crazy for me, So I try to give my kids a less-than-crazy- upbringing. I was raised in a Korean household (my step mom) and lived with my dad (who is German, English, Irish, French Canadian & Lakota Sioux) with a Buddhist influence, yet my mother is Filipino, Hawaiian & Chinese and Christian. I follow the the Buddhist teachings and Tao philosophy and teach them to my children. I know it's a pretty weird mix....but it's part of who I am.

Me and Jes
 I dance with Dorothy under the rainbow and with that said I am married to one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I know everyone says this about whoever they are with, but she is amazing to me because it feels like she was made for me.
We laugh together, we cry together and she doesn't ever look at me like I'm crazy when random things come out of my mouth. She understands me too....which I think is an accomplishment all in it's own.
We have been married 6 months as of today. You can see some of our wedding pictures Here. Theres so much more about me but I'd like to save them for one of my books.

I love animals too and this is my dog Petunia. She is a rescue and the best dog ever. I hope to someday own our own house with a big back yard she can run around in. We live in a townhouse which is not enough room for her to run in. But she still manages to chase our cat Kovu.

This handsome guy loves giving kisses and sleeping around my head.
He loves to sit and stare at our hamsters Macy and Marshmallow...and they don't mind.

My blogs are definitely random and I pretty much blog Sunday through Thursday you'll find lots of rants and raves and all my faves.....enjoy!

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