The un-eventful day

Wow...What a Monday...BORING!!!
I went to work today (I work security) and all I wanted to do was run away! Right now we are in charge of a historical place that is beautiful, but because of hurricane Irene, it was destroyed due to flooding. Anyway since its lonely and desolate it gives me plenty of time to think. So I put together a little collage of my favorite tops with my favorite necklaces. I love butterflies and antique looking pieces and I'm hoping to up my collection. I lost a lot of things in my divorce, but more reason to get more! I also love getting jewelry for the holidays...hint!hint! My wife actually made fun of these pictures because she said there all boob shots....I didn't even realize that when I took them! oh if you click on the picture it makes it bigger!...great...hehehe!

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